Spiritual Journeys and Guided Dolphin Swims in Hawaii
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Aloha! and welcome to
The Family of the Dolphins

Ka Ohana O Nai'a (Family of the Dolphins) was formed as a spiritual ministry intended to bring together those who recognize and accept the Dolphins and Whales (Cetaceans) as intelligent, spiritual beings with whom we share the planet.

The Family of the Dolphins Mission Statement:

To Assist Others In Re-Connecting To Self, And Thereby Source,
Through The Wondrous Gifts Of the Dolphins and Whales
and all the elements of Nature.


Dolphin Swims - Offered Daily!
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Return to Lemuria

December 9th - 15th, 2007

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Jim Self, Master Teacher
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Stay tuned for information about a special 080808 event!

Dolphin and Personal Retreats
Custom Designed Retreats for You - 3 to 6 days

Captains Michael and Melainah Yee

Join Us For Our Special Boat Tours
Uhane Nui O Nai`a

Join us on an adventure into Spirit (Akua). Come with us in your imagination as we journey along the beautiful Kona Coastline on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

It's a beautiful morning on our Island. The sun is rising above Hualalai as you step aboard our boat, the Uhane Nui O Nai‘a. (Great Spirit of the Dolphin)

Please make yourself comfortable as we move out of the harbor and enter the channel, where we will stop to gather together in circle to ask for blessings on our journey. Michael will blow the ancient Pu Ohe to greet the day and to signal our intent. He will then direct the Pu toward your heart center to prepare you for the adventure ahead. With prayers and ceremony complete we are on our way.

Allow yourself to be bathed in the elements surrounding you. Take deep, cleansing breaths of the pristine air. Feel the wind blowing in your face and let the sun caress you with its warmth. Take notice of the beautiful shades of aqua blues of the ocean -- we believe this to be some of the most healing waters on the planet. Many feel that submerged deep below the ocean floor, lay the ruins of Ancient Lemuria.

Below you now, are beautiful green coral reefs that are still being formed, vibrant and teaming with life. You put on your mask, snorkel and fins and slip into the Healing Waters of our Ocean. Let the embryonic fluids of Mother Earth envelope you in her silence as the Spirits of the Water work their magic by soothing your body and your soul. You are able to relax and allow the release in each cell of your being.

Time to journey further along the coast. What is that mist you see in the distance? Could it possibly be the blow of the magnificent Humpback Whales that visit us each winter? Imagine sitting quietly listening to their call. Have you ever witnessed the amazing spectacle of a forty foot long, 80,000 pound being from the sea, breaching right in front of you? Or, the loving interaction between a new born and its mother? Allow yourself to revel in the profound energy of these sentient Guardians of the Planet. It is truly a powerful experience, and one that will forever change your life.

They love to ride the bow wake of our boat. They are sleek and graceful and exude absolute joy. We ride along with them. It is always up to the dolphins to set the tone of our interactions with them.Sometimes they invite us to join them in their world. You have been instructed about the proper protocol when entering into their world. Quietly and gently you ease into the water. Imagine your amazement and delight at seeing so many dolphins swimming below you. Then one turns towards you to give you an acknowledging, "hello."

They may swim by your side and connect with you eye to eye -- what an incredible gift. You soon find yourself swimming like a dolphin and becoming one with the pod. The Dolphins are pure Unconditional Love. This is the teaching they have come to share with their human family. They swim by you for one last time, the pod gathers and turns as one, and then they are gone.

In a state of euphoria, that we call, "Dolphin Bliss," it is time for our mystical journey to come to an end. We gather once more in the circle, to give thanks to The All That Is, to all the Aumakua that traveled with us today, and of course to those beautiful Angels of the Sea . . .

the Nai'a;

and the Ancient Ones ~ the Whales.

Love and Many Blessings,
Michael and Melainah

Please join us for Mystical, Magical Journeys, with the Whales and the Dolphins.
Making Dreams Come True...For You.

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 Ka Ohana O Nai'a is a non-profit religious organization recognized and accredited by the State of Hawaii. We provide services such as Sacred Weddings, Blessings and Spiritual Journeys and guided dolphin swims.
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