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Michael and Melainah Yee met in 1998 when she first came to Hawaii to be with the Dolphins. Her experiences with them, affected her life so dramatically that she returned within the year and their lives were transformed together.

The Call of the Dolphins brought them together. In 2002, surrounded by their Ohana (family, friends and loved ones) they were married at sunset at Pu'u Honua O Honaunau (Place of Refuge) by Michael's hanai Father, Kahuna Lanakila Brandt. It came as no surprise to those of us attending, when their Ocean Family, the Dolphins, arrived just as the ceremony began---they were spinning and leaping out of the water during the entire ceremony! All in attendance were deeply moved by the profound blessing being gifted to them and each of us by the presence of their Aumakua.

Michael and Melainah adhere to the ancient Hawaiian belief of Aumakua (Spirit Guardians and Ancestors) which parallels the Native American totem belief systems. Their acknowledged Aumakua are the Dolphins and Whales (Nai'a and Kohola) and were consecrated in the ancient Hawaiian ritual, Ho'o Mautua, performed by Kahuna Lanakila Brandt. In 1999 they formed Family of the Dolphins~Ka Ohana O Nai'a, a spiritual ministry to introduce people to the dynamic sacred connection between humans, dolphins and whales.

Michael, aka "China Mike", embraces Hawaiian Spiritually and the Ancient Traditions as taught by his adoptive Father, Kahuna Lanakila Brandt, Kahuna Pule and founder of Kahanahou Hawaiian Foundation. Kahuna Lanakila gave Michael his Hawaiian name, Nakoa Ka Mea E Ka Maluhia (The Warrior who brings Peace and Protection) in their adoption ceremony.

Michael has been diving, surfing, sailing and has captained boats on the Kona coast for more than 20 years. He operated the first charter boat in Hawaii offering Dolphin Swims. While in his teens, he became a well known champion surfer in Hawaii and Southern California. He is a complete water-man, and his extensive knowledge of the coastal regions is unsurpassed. He is as comfortable in the water as most people are on land.

Melainah is a Spiritual Intuitive, counselor, Reiki Master, facilitator and teacher. She was introduced to the Spirits of the Aina (land) and Hawaiian Spirituality through her Kumu (teacher) Nalu, a Hawaiian Kapuna (elder). He guided her to connect with many sacred places on the Island and many Hawaiian Gods & Goddesses. She is particularly connected to Pele, Lilinoe and Poliahu. In a naming ceremony, Kumu Nalu, gifted her with her Hawaiian name, Elelemai Kalani (The Messenger from Heaven).

Melainah hosts seminars on attaining self empowerment and remembering who we truly are. She offers Dolphin Retreats, retreats on Hawaiian Spirituality and retreats about the Ancient Land of Lemuria.

Melainah and Michael have also studied with Kumu Mahealani Henry, who teaches Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala-Hawaiian Spiritually.

They host and co-host powerful, experiential retreats with Nature that include visiting Sacred sites to introduce you to the magical, mystical energies of Hawaii. They offer Return To Lemuria and Dolphin Retreats. Yearly they host Lightworker with Barbara and Steve Rother and The Group for the OverLight Series. They also co-facilitate with many other groups from all over the world.

Both Michael and Melainah are USCG Licensed Captains and Ordained Ministers. Together they perform many Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals in the Hawaiian tradition, including Weddings, Blessings, Spiritual Journeys on the Land, guided Dolphin Swims in the Ocean and amazing experiences watching the magnificent Humpback Whales. They invite you to join them and participate in these profound awakenings of the heart and consciousness.

To Melainah and Michael March 2003

Sacred Sites
God was Known

I came to see.
Expected consciousness
Saw unconsciousness.

Felt the Human in Me.
Rejected the Human in Me.

Forgive Me.................

I saw the forgiveness and only
through my weakness, I
choose to see.
Swim in Crystal Clear Waters,
my Guide, Melainah and Me.

Vastness..................greater than
my imagination.
So Deep. My Teacher, Michael, Assures me.

Family Found......................

Love and Light, Jane

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©Ka Ohana O Naia
 Ka Ohana O Nai'a is a non-profit religious organization recognized and accredited by the State of Hawaii. We provide services such as Sacred Weddings, Blessings and Spiritual Journeys and guided dolphin swims.
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